If you love Jesus with a burning heart, and he is your King and your God, then you are welcome to join the Order of Saints in the Land. We are always awaiting others to join us here in St. Augustine, Florida. Your only requirement is to desire to follow the path we have undertaken, as described in the pages of this site and as reflected best in the Bible, the ‘Little Way’ of Thérèse of Lisieux, the simple ways of life as outlined by Lawrence of the Resurrection and Gemma Galgani, and the writings of John of the Cross. If you would like to relocate to St. Augustine, Florida, even better. At present we have no community housing available, but there are plenty of places to live here, and plenty of work to do regarding both way of life and, more importantly, way of spirit.
email:   lambs.kingdom@yahoo.com
OSL Pillars
Jesus, Our Lord and God
Thérèse of Lisieux
Lawrence of the Resurrection
John of the Cross
Gemma Galgani
Teresa de Avila

the tongue is a fire

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