In the Church there is room for many different spiritual practices; many different ways to approach and worship our God. From the Holy Romans to the Happy Clappies, and all shades of practice between, we are all one Body, and our head is Christ.
By all means let us be aware of the dangers of secular worship, of setting up authorities in opposition to the magisterium (though that is a pitfall at both ends of the spectrum since impostors also abound inside orthodox walls). Let us be aware of losing touch with tradition in our enthusiasm for new things (or of the good in new things in our enthusiasm for a rigid insistence on tradition—a rigidity which Jesus despises). But let us not circle the wagons against our own brothers and sisters. These civil wars must give Satan great pleasure.
I do not consider it useful to accuse – by implication – all members of an entire movement of so-called ‘heterodoxy.’ Where groups of peculiar Believers work under the direction of a sympathetic and godly priest, they can be a rich source of grace to their entire local community.
‘By their fruits shall you know them,’ Jesus teaches us. And, he is not talking about the non-traditional Believer with his dramatic ‘Depart from me, you evildoers!’ We should be looking in others for the fruits of sacramental grace (not gifts, which can be natural or even diabolical). Are they worshipful? Do they love God? Do they spend as much time as they possibly can with Him (whether in Eucharistic adoration, in worship and praise, or in some other form of adoration)? Do they make regular sacramental confessions? Do they receive the Eucharist as often as they can? Do they show love for all humankind, and obedience to those who are in authority over them–whether those in authority love God or not? These are the fruits of a right relationship with Jesus, and are what we should be looking for–not whether a person is acting in an ‘orthodox’ manner or not. ‘Heterodoxy’ is never for us to decide, for we are all taught by God–and if God is not speaking through the magisterium because of their rigidity to tradition over the movement of the Holy Spirit, then they are the odd men out, not those who diligently seek God and shall be rewarded for their faith in this Valley of the Shadow of Death and Dark Night of the Soul.

the tongue is a fire

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