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Good News

Good news for every woman reading this, especially those of you who have been terrified of one or more men in your life: God is not a man. Neither is God a woman. God is love. God is acceptance. God is forgiveness. God is the author of the perfect life.
Equal good news for every man reading this, especially for any man who has been terrorized by one or more women in his life: God is not a woman. Neither is God a man. God is love. God is acceptance. God is forgiveness. God is the author of the perfect life.
The male gender of the human race maintains a staunch self-righteous when it comes to women. Why so? Because Eve is the one who tempted Adam. Is this accusation fair? Absolutely not. Does it persist? Yes, it does.
Only the man who has been transformed by the love of God (genderless, remember) can forgive those women who have hurt him in some way or another–because these women themselves were afraid of men. 
Women who have been hurt by aggressive men–there are various types, not all are physical brutes–must also forgive or remain in the place of hurt and create more hurt for themselves and others around them; most especially the men in their lives, whether these are their husbands or their male children.
The cycle of pain and abuse can only be stopped when I pray for those who have hurt me–because the healing does not come unless I come to care for that person’s soul, and there surest way for me to care for any soul is for me to pray for that person even while I am still hating (afraid). The hate will go away as the prayer becomes the antidote to the poison that is killing me.
We call God ‘Father’ because Jesus was bringing us forward from being terrified of YHVH–a terror in large part because of how the Hebrew people transformed God into their own unforgiving image. We know this to be true because the prophets never had any such problem with God. They loved God, they spoke with God as a friend. They were not afraid of God.
We cannot be afraid of God. For women in our day, one way to heal this is to see God as beyond the gender of Male.


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