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Our Touchstone

Jesus the Word, who never changes, is our touchstone, our standard, from generation to generation. Here in the anti-community secular humanist and nihilist North America, if we look back to search for a time in history–even in our own history–that represented a better or more exciting era, we are mistaken to do so, because one does not exist.
The Colonial era of the New World was fraught with pirates, wicked governors, and the beginning of the genocide of the various peoples collectively known as American Indians. The Rebellion era of American history has a white elite developing living ideals for a white aristocracy and their workers. The Civil War era has these workers of a Southern aristocracy fighting a war against the workers of a Northern industrial revolution. The turn-of-the-century era sees the fear and hatred of a defeated South, wearing white masks of hatred and demonic violence, clamoring to get back all that was taken from them while Northern thieves came down to take even more. And then came ‘The War To End All Wars,’ or so everyone thought. On its heels came WWII, and then the Cold War coupled with countless American Imperialist ‘undeclared wars’ which continue to this day–but only in countries where there is significant oil or precious metals to be had.
Everything changes–social institutions, ideas of governance and law, sensibilities, tastes, trends… all of it. I can no more explain to a person thirty years my junior what it was like when I was a child than I can look forward to see what life will be like thirty years from now. I can open books written about that time of my life, I can locate television footage, I can retrieve music as a kind of time capsule for the era, but all in all it is only a history lesson for the one I am trying to relate my experiences to.
What community do we have left if those who come behind me are not offered the opportunity to become a part of an age-old tradition of some kind? The only community we have now is that of Jesus and his kingdom filled with saints. Perhaps we are better off with only that, because inside of community made by human hands are many prejudices and wrong beliefs accepted as right and true when they are not. No, today all we have is Jesus, who proved himself fully capable two thousand years ago of entering a society, splintered as it was, and making his kingdom available to all who believed, despite what social class or people they came from. He is the same Savior today, and so, if all we have now is Jesus, then he is all that we need.


Dark Literature For The Masses

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