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Sufficient In Each Day

I am going to be tempted and tested and tried for my faith, if for no other reason than my old nature, attached to my body, is used to the way things have gone for millennia and is not in the least bit interested in having things change. It does not believe that there is a Kingdom of Heaven, so why work toward such a bizarre fantasy? Life is what we have here, right now, and if some steal from me then I will in turn steal from those less fortunate than myself, or I may be bold enough to go against the establishment and try my hand at some high stakes–make it a life or death cat burglar or pirate sort of situation. Why not? This is all I have, right?
Wrong. This life is the illusion–this world is the nightmare I will one day awaken from. Until then, I will be tried, for how can I give to others of my rivers of living water if I first refuse to give to Jesus when he tells me that he is thirsty? He has been tempted in every way possible. Through my following him to his death, and to my own, I am shown ways, as was he, to be released from every temptation–whether it be in the physical, soulish, or spiritual realm.
I need not worry where my next meal is coming from if I truly have faith in his providence. If I am his, and he wants me alive, he will feed me. I need not be concerned how my needs of intimacy will be met. If I am his beloved, he will cradle me in his arms and provide every warmth and gentle word that I need. If I truly believe that he has died to save my spirit from eternal separation from God, then I will do everything I can to obey my Liege-Lord–I will lay my life down for his honor even as I would for a sinful man should he give his life to save mine.


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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