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I don’t believe in ghosts? Then I am either an atheist or I am terrified of death–and if I profess to be a Christian, I tell the world that my faith does not exist, and that I am confused. I claim to believe in God, I claim to believe in my resurrection and glorification after my death, and I claim to believe that devils and demons exist with me here in this life. But do I believe any of it at all? I refuse to believe in ghosts because I am terrified of death, and I am terrified because I do not have a right relationship with the Conqueror, Jesus of Nazareth. I even go so far as to rewrite plainly written scripture which details ghosts, such as with the story of the witch of Endor and King Saul, because I am so terrified of death that I refuse to imagine that I might be a ghost myself one day–lost and without the God I claimed halfheartedly, if even that, to love and serve.


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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