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Hellized Heaven

A dear friend just today described the Medieval Heaven–the one of Dante and other artists of the era–as the ‘Hellized Heaven,’ because that is how she feels when she imagines clouds with angels lying back on them plucking harps while saints stroll together in long white togas before they sit down to supper with Jesus. I had to agree with her. The very thought of eternally meandering down streets of gold makes me feel terrified. Sadly, this ‘hellized’ version of Infinity is the one many people–Christians included–believe to be the afterlife that awaits us. That is, of course, if they’re not excited about the ever-popular ‘Heavenized Hell’ where rock-n-roll bands keep the party hopping in those wild, licking flames!
Use your imagination, because I can guarantee you that, as promised, your every heart’s desire will be given to you. The cost for such an on-going timeless adventure? A burning heart for Jesus to the point where you give all that you have, and then some. He took up his Cross. You are required to do the same. My eternal reward will be to give glory to him–in many and varied ways. Forever. I plan to use the imagination he has given me. Just now I am clueless as to how I will use it, but he will show me. He shows me a lot already. Most of it is peculiar, and not a little of it is uncanny. But that’s my world. What’s yours like?


I went down into Heaven
   to save them from their hells.
I saw their kingly diadems
   and heard their tolling bells.
I viewed their wondrous streets of gold,
   walked through their pearly gates.
I went down into Heaven.
   I think I went too late.


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