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This World, That World

There are two worlds coinciding on Earth as we await the destruction of the first and the fulfillment of the second. The first world, the one Kierkegaard calls the world of indifference, allows thieves and the lazy to take what they like at the expense of those who work hard for what they have. In the second world, the one Jesus calls the Kingdom of Heaven, only those who work eat, the rain does not fall on the evil heart, and the sun does not shine on the lazy thieving soul. Jesus exhorts us to lay up for ourselves treasure in this second world where thieves cannot steal and nothing is corrupted. I have to daily make the choice whether I want to continue living in the world into which my old and dying self was born, or whether I want to live, and fully, in the world of everlasting life. I must be born again if I will live in the second world, and I must follow the straight and narrow path which leads me out of and away from the spiral of the maze most people find themselves in at some point in their lives.
Gifts and talents, in the world of indifference and thieves, often go unnoticed. But this never means that the stewards of these talents shall go unregarded for their services to their King–in the kingdom.
Drawn by two worlds lain together.
There are two worlds, you know.
One bleeds onto the other
like new roses poured on snow.
These cold lands promise comfort
only by the rosy fire
while stories near forgotten now
speak lands that we desire.
The worlds of Hell are with us.
Remember who you are!
Death is a door to freedom
when your time comes as a star
in the shining crown of Jesus…
that place coming so soon
when fence riding and abiding
at the Devil’s house at noon
will explode; sheep and goats scatter,
each to their fields to roam…
it is then this life won’t matter
(when the sheep and goats are scattered).
We’ll step into our new home
(that home is here, you know)…
Death is a door of snow
beyond which roses grow.


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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