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The Second-Chance Race Of Mankind

Christians, or followers of the Way, or the Church, or the Body of Christ, or Believers, or the Remnant–we are not merely another religion to add to the many that came before us and have come after us. We are the Second-Chance Race of mankind. We are actually new creatures, we are peculiar, we are powerful, we are fearless, we are surround by and guided by love, and we have the only sound minds on this planet.
Now, there are many on Earth who call themselves Christians who do not carry any of these characteristics, but words are cheaply purchased–a simple thought in their direction can buy them, and they are as easily spit out as platitudes and airy teachings and self-deceiving empty promises to God, man, and self.
We are the reason that Jesus came, and the result of his coming. In striving with God, we give birth to the Father of Lights, with whom there is no shadow of turning.


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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