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Strive With God

Strive with God. Hold to him, wrestle him. He is the Way. No man goes to the Father of Lights except through him. Strive. Demand that he give what he has promised. Nothing delights him more than to fight you, to enjoy the strength he has implanted in you, and, as your blessing, to give you the faith that you beg him for.
When I was a boy, wrestling was a favorite pastime. I became strong because of it, but not only that, the camaraderie of physical combat with close friends was always heartwarming and life-engendering. Since those days of my youth I have missed wrestling more than any other activity, and today I have no opportunity to engage. I look forward to the day when, in the kingdom, I can strive again—and even now I strive with the angel of the Lord. Like Isra El, the one who strives with God, I require nothing except a blessing, and if he sees fit to lame me as a reminder of our struggle together, then so be it, for then I will know that I have been in the presence of my God, and that this is truly the house of the Lord where angels ascend and descend on the Son of Man.


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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