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Sacrifices are not for God, but against the old nature, to humble and break it, to humiliate it and prepare it for eternal seed. God wants one thing only: obedience, because he knows what is best, and his sheep hear his voice. To obey is better than sacrifice. He wants our lives, not our fasts which, again, are for our own good, not his. Let him be a father to you, not a demanding, threatening stone idol to whom you are subservient. Jesus died not to appease his Father, since God wants obedience and not sacrifice. The death of Jesus was to reveal to us the depth God is willing to go to save the recipients and stewards of his eternal Word. We are worth only what he makes us worth, because our own self-worth is not only not broad enough in vision, it is always selfish and destructive, no matter how “good” we believe that we are. Good or bad, we all need spiritual rebirth, and this comes through the Blood and Water and never through anything we can conjure on our own.


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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