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When I Awake

“…I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with your likeness.”
Psalm 17.15
The depth of wisdom in this verse, easily overlooked as merely a sentimental ending to a beautiful poem, is astounding. The Comforter gives to His beloved even while they sleep. Let us pray that we have eyes to see, and ears to hear. Let us have hearts poor in spirit and meek of heart.
When I awake. When I awake unto the fullness of the power of our Father–as I stand before the Throne in the very likeness of Jesus. Then shall I be satisfied–I shall know even as I am also known. I shall exist in the likeness of our Source of Life.
When I awake! What great consolation shall envelop me and clarify all things to me. There is the day coming, and is even at the door, when I shall be awake; fully transfigured; fully translated to that place where there is no more humanity left within me, and I am a shining warrior of the Spirit of Life. The work of the the warrior is to be God’s eyes, feet, hands, and mind.
All Jesus asks of us is that we tarry a little while longer, and sleep not; but pray.
There are two awakenings for every believer. One is beneath the water in our daily gathering of manna, that we have proper sustenance for that day alone. The other, brought by the blood, is the Awakening, when we step across the great chasm separating this phantasm world echoing death and destruction into the World that is the very Presence of the Comforter, where all things are possible. On that Day shall we awake with His likeness.
Today, though, I am two different people. One is a sweet and loving soul, the other a creature prone to addictions and self-pleasure. But I know that God will save me. I hold onto my belief that He will.


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