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The Meaning of Life

This morning, just before I awoke, a girl came to my bedside. I did not rise, but spoke to her as I lay. I saw her features, and they looked worried, or confused. ‘You want to know the meaning of life?’ I asked her. She nodded yes, and began to weep as she knelt by my bed to hear me. ‘The meaning of life,’ I said, ‘is to live in Heaven now. And if you allow even the smallest bit of Hell to enter, it is your own fault. Live in Heaven now. That is the meaning of life, and our sole purpose for living.’ The girl looked surprised at my simple answer, but by her demeanor I could see that she understood, and believed my words. She smiled, and my dream was over. When I awoke, I knew that someone real had come to me for guidance, and I wept. Twenty years before this, another girl came to me in a dream begging me to tell her where was Christ in the world? I told her that I was Christ in the world, and when I did so several times, she smiled, quit weeping, and disappeared. Nearly a decade before that, a Latina came to me weeping and terrified, saying nothing. ‘Un con Dios,’ I said to her. ‘Un con Dios,’ which means ‘One with God.’ She smiled, ceased weeping, and vanished.


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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