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Strange Quest

Strange quest I have been on. A quest for communion with the Ancient of Days. With His guidance, I have remained constant in my purpose, which is to be godly in a godless world. The time is coming when I will burn with god-breath and a fire from within and I will escape this common coil and join the Cloud of Witnesses who have gone on before me.
To be called into the Presence of Jesus is the greatest gift. This is the calling to the Superlative Nature, and will not be ignored by the one learning to hear the soft voice of Jesus. Every possibility that your natural self carries is to be outdone by the Superlative Nature planted within you by the Master of Life at your baptism. This planting and subsequent growth is very often an arduous process full of the pain created when the old slothful nature wants to refuse the difficult superlative.
When we are called into the Presence, we know it because we have been walking with Jesus, or at least longing to walk again with Him. We have been walking with Jesus because in the past we have turned from Him, but we have been called back, and we have turned to hear. The road was too rough not so long ago. There was too much confusion. Unbelievers were rampant and Jesus seemed too afar off to follow, though up until that time we were professing Jesus fully, and growing in understanding and exemplifying Jesus in each step, as we are taught.
Today you understand something even more. You have been given an inkling of the inner chamber of Jesus, and you are amazed. The milk of the divine love of Jesus is there, and the honey of the Lord sweeter than that of the honeycomb.
You had been told by others that you, too, could be beckoned Within, but you wondered when, or even if this might happen. And now Jesus has come to you and taken your hand also, and you feel yourself follow without reserve.
Jesus awakens you to commune in the middle of your sleep. Not long ago you would have been annoyed, and would have tossed and turned, seeking solace again. Now you know it is the Lord, and you rejoice that you have been remembered. You pray that you will only become closer to Jesus, that you will become completely cleansed; that you will come to the place of falling away from the Lord no more in thought, word, or deed.
And, you ask that you forgive all who have hurt you, understanding fully that they have done so in their fevered pursuit for meaning in life; a meaning that you now know only the Master of Life can give–Jesus who animates little children, and makes them laugh. The pain inflicted on you by others was their way of trying to alleviate their inner torture, or their way of punishing you for a perceived wrong action, though you had done no wrong to them, nor to anyone. Your tormentors have been wrong, yet you forgive them because you love them and want them to experience the joy you have been given. You also remember that you once lived a base life, and hurt others as you have been hurt. You know also that if you do not forgive them, your communion with Jesus will cease. This is because Jesus loves them too, and wants them as much as you. You are not special nor specially chosen. All are loved, or none is loved. Harmony in your soul is completely dependent upon loving all unconditionally, no matter their social or political stance. You put yourself outside of harmony when you strive against another presently, or in memory. This is not to say that you should not shun the wicked, for you should, or their fate will become your own. Outside of harmony and love, you cannot be the Beloved of Jesus. You remember that He came and dwelt among us to pour out the Life of God, to recreate us all. You are humbled by the memory, and you ask for strength and that the prayer of Jesus be always on your lips: ‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ You understand that all disharmony is wrong done in fits of anger, searches for societal approval, emotional upheaval, and spiritual unconsciousness. You are sorry that you have ever held anything against anyone. You are sorry because you are one of the self-damned who is being transformed and given the forgiving mind and heart of Jesus.  
You now remember when the Lord has called you in the past. Those nights seem so long ago now. You remember that Jesus once called to you–but you did not go. You smiled in your sleep and felt warm, and thanked Him for calling you… but you did not follow. Why? You don’t know why now. You are sorry you didn’t answer Him. Jesus has called you many, many times and in many different, but always subtle, ways. He has loved you, yet you have loved the predilections of your old nature more; your natural talents and abilities which are not superlative, but are good and do impress others. You realize that you have sought the love of others over the love of Jesus, and you are wounded in heart, and turn to Jesus now with gratitude, greatly consoled that you have not been given up to your own selfishness. Now you want only the Presence of Jesus.
You know now that you are created to walk with Jesus as a Friend; to be in absolute union with Jesus–one with God. To truly commune with Jesus is to walk with Him as a friend; to be God—to be Christ in the world; to be found with a superlative nature. This place may seem afar off to you. The Lord may often seem like a force to be in dread of, and this attitude is healthy, for Christ is our very Source; we are not our own little gods. We cannot come into perfection without Jesus drawing us and implanting the superlative nature within us. Jesus is far more than our example. He is our very salvation. Without Him we can do nothing. My breath does not come from myself, and if I say that it is natural to breathe, what is it that designed Nature? All existence emanates from the Master of Life as animated figments of the Mind–the imagination of God. Yet we and all things are beloved by Jesus enough that He would pour out His own existence for us, that we might be recreated fully and become perfected agents of His all-conquering love.


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