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Separating Sheep from Goats

Often on a farm both sheep and goats will live, and during grazing times, if the fields are large enough and the shepherds and goatherds few, the animals will begin to graze together. But their natural temperaments are like night and day. The sheep is meek and lowly. The goat is fiery and independent. But it is the simplest of ordeals for a shepherd to separate the sheep from the goats. All that he has to do is walk into the middle of them, and then keep walking out the other side. The sheep will all follow him, looking to him for protection and as a guide to better pasture. The goats will ignore him altogether and stand their ground. If the billy-goat is among them, he most probably will stomp over and nudge the shepherd, as if to say “You are on my territory.” The goatherd must then take a willow sapling or some other pliable branch than can make a whistling sound and round up the goats by running in a large circle around them. More often than not two or more herders are needed for these unruly beasts. Meanwhile, the sheep have followed their master into another field not eaten away by the ravenous goat.


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