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Prayer is the Work

Invocations, suspirations, hymns, psalms, lamentations, dithyrambs, panegyrics, exaltations, prayers, chants, cants, praise, evocations, and worship. Call it what you will, but it is all communion with God, Who is a Spirit, and must be worshiped in spirit and in truth, according to Jesus. How do we do that? By living and breathing and eating prayer. Prayer is not equipment to get us ready for other services in the Kingdom. Prayer is the work, and is where the real battle takes place. Am I praying unceasingly? If I am not, what is wrong there, deep inside? What selfishness is still there that my words are not prayers; my thoughts are not prayers; that my dreams are not prayers; that my every breath and blood flowing are not prayers to our Father in Heaven, through and for Whom the aeons were made?
I love You, Lord,
and I lift my voice
to worship You.
O, my soul, rejoice!
Take joy, my King,
in what You hear.
Let it be a sweet, sweet sound
in Your ear.


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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