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Meridies Communionem

As I slept for much needed rest, a spirit from the Son of Man came to me and taught that which I longed to understand concerning the essences of life and death—which were parsed according to their parts and energies given. In my sleep I heard singular teachings of life and of death that now are ineffable to me. I know the presence of these teachings in my heart, and in the place of my soul that learns and remembers, but to speak them in words to be heard or read is now impossible for me. If I were to try and put what I heard into words, I might say that life is given for one purpose only, and that is to serve others with no regard to the needs of self, for these needs shall be met without toil other than the toil expended for others—and that death is given as a doorway to joy unspeakable only to those who, with the assistance of the Son of Man in every thought and word and deed, have been forgiven of every trespass and transgression against all others, and who live lives of purity and righteousness according to that which they diligently study, and according to that which they learn with the Son of Man in his school of communion. I do remember hearing, as I slept, that there is a place where those who have accepted the Son of Man go when these have not allowed him to have full reign over their lives. This place is where they learn what they did not learn while living, but it is a necessary detour until they can be brought spotless before the Infinite Throne.


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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