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What is it about Jesus that is so fulfilling? Who and What he is; this is what excites the mind. If Jesus is only a man who roamed the Judean hills two millennia ago teaching and working miracles, then that can hold my interest for a little while, and maybe even a few years. But when I discover that he is the Source of All Existence, that he is the Logos that is predicated as the Light of All Worlds, that he has poured out his spirit into every corner of the cosmos, that being our Creator he is limitless in his abilities and powers, and that he, with all of this magnificent authority, has beckoned me to personally join him in co-creation, then I realize that there is no idea on Earth explored outside of the Presence of Jesus that is worthy of even the first thought. The hope of more of his Presence drives me; intoxicates me; mystifies me; goads me; challenges me. I am not a mercenary of spiritual matters, vying for the best fulfillment for my time’s worth. No, I simply want to go Home to my Father’s House.    


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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