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War is (most usually) imperialistic (reaffirming a fallen World) and police action is social (reaffirming a peaceful World), war steals from the people and police action gives back to the people (in a perfect policing system).
Since we Believers are the real stewards of God, the actual priestly kings of this planet, then an outflow from the Eucharistic Sacrament to the Land will have to take place, and this begins in the Body of Christ, from which it will flow outward and recreate the Garden, Land, and World. It is hard for me often, though, because I have the vision of how the Body should be responding to every given situation in the world, and then the reality of our actions shows that we are so very far from where we should be. However, I check myself here because I know that there must come a supernatural intervention in the Church in order to conform us all into the stewards that we were created to be. If our God waits for us, he will wait forever. He will not wait, I believe, which is why it should be of utmost interest for every Believer to humbly bow before His Majesty and present ourselves as living sacrifices, acceptable to him. When we do this, we will see change and perfection in us, and then from us out into the world. He has his people everywhere. The revolution is at hand.


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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