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Prayer is the most essential aspect of the walk with our God, for in prayer we are in communion with Him and we are in His Presence. When you pray:
  • Speak as a child would to its mother or father, in simplicity and honestly, without fear. God is Love, never anger, hatred, or violence. Prayer opens up the awareness to the truth that we can’t change ourselves without His divine assistance, or ‘grace.’
  • Know that our God hears you. He knows your needs already, and often answers before you even ask, or, in many merciful cases, whether you ask or not. 
  • Expect an answer which will likely seem like a ‘miracle.’ Prayer makes miracles happen in our lives, ‘miracles’ being normal spiritual activity that seems strange because selfishness has developed a false world where the self tries to rule separately from the power of God, and always fails miserably.
  • Pray more for others than for yourself, secure that others pray for you. When you pray for yourself, be self-abasing and grateful and ask only for more purity of heart and less and less selfish desire.
  • Let your one goal in prayer be personal and unbroken communion with Him. Tell Jesus how grateful you are for salvation from your red-handed rebellion against His throne.
Watch, and Pray
* Pray the Word of God
* Praise in Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs
* Enjoy His Presence in Nature & People
* Spontaneous & Heartfelt Talks with Him
* The Lord’s Prayer
* Intercession (spiritual warfare for others)  
* Supplication (asking for the needs of others)
* Unutterable Prayers (of the Holy Spirit)
* Foreign Tongues (of the Holy Spirit)
* Angelic Tongues (of the Holy Spirit)
* Sinner’s Prayer
(prayer of unworthiness & gratitude for His love and mercy;
inability to achieve anything outside of His grace)
It is said by some, and not wrongly, that our God loves for us to talk to Him, ask Him things, ask for things for others and even for ourselves. Quantum mechanically speaking, though, yet equally true, the Logos or Word predicates Itself and becomes Rhema which then formulates through pistis (active belief, or faith) to, with words thought or spoken, break through psychological armor and addictions both ancestral and sociological to recreate reality destroyed by loveless thoughts, words, and actions–which lead to death.


Dark Literature For The Masses

the tongue is a fire

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